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Transforming Preparatory Cancer and Surgical Care

Our perioperative and cancer care optimisation solutions empower patients and improve healthcare outcomes at scale.

Craetus Digital Prehab

Advances in medicine and an ageing population ‐ means there are an increasing number of people with complex comorbidities and chronic conditions, which are thankfully treatable though at an increasing cost to Insurers and healthcare providers. Prehabilitation is the widely adopted practice in modern healthcare of optimising and enhancing a patient’s functional capacity before major medical intervention with the aim of improving health outcomes.

Craetus delivers personalised, scalable and non-intrusive prehabilitation for patients.

Our Mission

We provide solutions that empower patients and deliver the Triple Aim of healthcare:

  • – Improving the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction);
  • – Improving the health of populations; and
  • – Reducing the per capita cost of health care
Healthy ageing through Prehab

Meeting the challenge of improving healthcare outcomes at scale

Personalised patient optimisation and prehabilitation programmes delivered digitally

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