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personalised preoperative prehabilitation

Preparing for Surgery

Major elective surgical procedures such as hip and knee surgeries take a heavy toll on the body due to the effects of anaesthesia, incisions, and blood loss. It can take months of hard rehabilitation to get back to normal.

Prehabilitation helps prepare patients through healthy dietary advice, increasing their activity and reducing/stopping smoking and drinking alcohol. It makes them fit enough to take on the challenge of a major surgery and also increases the chances of a more positive healthy outcome in the future

Prepare for your treatment from the comfort of your home.

Our digital platform delivers personalised prehabilitation programmes for patients’ specific needs. This includes personalised training exercises, dietary advice, medical optimisation therapies and psychological support. It is non-intrusive and is delivered through Craetus’ smartphone app, helping patients prepare for their surgery from the comfort of their own home.

Contact us to find out more or download our app to start preparing for your surgery.

Old man in poor health

Research has shown that fitter and well-prepared patients suffer less complications during the surgery and have a significantly shorter recovery time.