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personalised digital Cancer prehabilitation

Preparing for Cancer Treatment

As we grow older chronic conditions such as cancer are becoming more common. The treatment for cancer is a major challenge for the body and has a significant negative impact, not just physically but mentally as well.

Prehabilitation (“prehab”) aims to get patients to their optimal health before treatment, helping them cope with the challenges of their treatment, recover faster and develop strategies to cope with anxiety. It involves identifying and promoting positive behaviours to improve a healthy lifestyle soon after diagnosis to reduce the unwanted side-effects of cancer treatment

Prepare for your treatment from the comfort of your home.

Through Craetus digital platform, our patients receive personalised prehabilitation prior to and/or during cancer treatment. This includes personalised training exercises, dietary advice, medical optimisation therapies and psychological support.

Contact us to find out more or download our app to start preparing for your treatment.

cancer prehabilitation

Proven research has shown that patients who are prepared for this difficult time early on, respond better before, during and after the treatment, both physically and mentally.